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#dunnerstunner - 6th Feb 2019

#dunnerstunner Just having a sneaky peak through instagram and cannot get enough of people's pictures of beautiful Dunedin..... so many talented photo takers out there #dunnerstunner

Royal Albatross Centre chick updates - 31st Jan 2017

Royal Albatross Centre At Fois Na Mara we are keeping our eye on the super important work carried out by the Rangers at the Royal Albatross Centre - here's hoping for a fantastic outcome for all the Albatross chicks.
Watch live updates on their webcam  - I love hearing stories from our guests when they have had a wonderful visit to the centre.

Dale the Seal - 20th Dec 2016

Dale the seal on Portobello Road Our morning commute was somewhat slower than normal today.
'Dale' the Seal decided to have a wee snooze and sunbathe in the middle of Portobello Road, right in 'peak hour' traffic. 
We were slightly worried to see the Police car with flashing lights and immediately thought there had been a car accident, but we were so happy to eventually pass by and see that all the fuss was for Dale instead!
See the full news story here.

Elm Wildlife Tour - 23rd May 2016

A lot of guests at Fois Na Mara ask about seeing wildlife and the best way to do it.
For a long time now I have been recommending Elm Wildlife Tours so my son and I decided to check out their Encounters Tour to see what it was all about.

Well, we were NOT disappointed.  A fantastic 6 hour trip was had by all, where we were taken to Taiaroa Head and to private farmland on the peninsula.  Shaun, our guide, was a mindfield of information and it was such a pleasure meeting him and being guided by him.  He had such a keen eye for wildlife and spotted even the most shy of bird, and stopped the bus to let us have a look.  We managed to see Sealions, Yellow Eyed Penguins, Fur Seals, Royal Albatrosses and an abundance of native birds (too many to mention!).  Shaun also talked in great depth about the patterns and numbers of the various wildlife seen over the last few years and the conservation work that Elm are doing.  He seemed incredibly passionate about the wildlife.
One of the amazing things about Elm Wildlife tours is that they will pick guests up from the bottom of our driveway at Fois Na Mara, take you on the informative and exciting tour in a cosy and clean bus and then drop you back at Fois Na Mara at the end.  No dramas for you to have to think about navigating, parking etc etc.  All your time can be taken up gazing out of the window, taking photos along the way.

I can honestly say that even though I have been recommending Elm Wildlife Tours to guests at Fois Na Mara in the past, I now know what a great trip it is and will definitely be informing guests of it on the future.  I will also be telling all my Dunedin friends too as I feel they will all love it.  Little do we all know what we have on our doorstep!

Coast New Zealand - 17th May 2016

Otago Peninsula So lovely to watch Neil Oliver explore the coast of the deep south. 

Watching the aerial footage of the Otago Peninsula makes me realise, even more, how beautiful this place is that I am lucky enough to call home.  If you want to see what I'm talking about, watch it here

Ther question when visiting New Zealand is not "Have I got time to visit Dunedin and the Peninsula?" but instead "How can I make sure I fit in time to visit Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula?"

And, of course, we can provide you with the ideal base for visiting Dunedin and the Otago Penisula at Fois Na Mara.  7km drive to the Octagon (city centre) but staying actually on the peninsula gives you the best of both worlds!

Sandfly Bay - 23rd Apr 2016

Sandfly bay Dunedin has been showing us, not only what a great city it is, full of brilliant cafes, bars and shops, but also how just on it's doorstep there are secluded beaches ripe for exploring.
Living on the Otago Peninsula I should know it like the back of my hand but after a brilliantly busy B&B season I haven't managed to get out and explore as much as I'd have liked.

One sunny day a few weeks ago, and with the weather being still amazing, my son and I went off to explore Sandfly Bay.  As an aside it is often thought to have been named for the small biting insect known as the sandfly, but this is incorrect. It was named for the sand which, given the windy nature of this coast, flies from the tall dunes surrounding the bay.

We accessed it by parking at the end of Seal Point Road.  It is then a fun filled stride and slide down the steep sand dunes to the beach.  We had a lovely walk along the beach and then turned around and made our way back up the dunes to the car.  We really loved the feeling of getting our legs working climbing up the sand and enjoyed the morning tea even more when we got to the top.  What a reward!

As usual another stunning beach to investigate on our Otago Peninsula...

Labour weekend walkabout - 26th Oct 2015

Whilst our wonderful guests came to see Neil Diamond (I'm sorry but I can't help singing...... Sweet Caroline... da da da.....) performing at the Forsyth Barr Stadium, in Dunedin over the weekend, we took the opportunity of the very fine weather to go off to discover some of our hidden gems.

We started with a good walk up Mount Cargill to get some fantastic views of Dunedin city, Blueskin Bay, the Otago Peninsula, Flagstaff and Swampy to name but a few.  A very rewarding morning tea was had at the summit.  We've done this walk a few times but I always forget how stunning the view is.  Well worth the sweat!

Monday took us on a new adventure, Aramoana.  I'm ashamed to say I've never been before.  No justifiable reason, other than if I'm looking for a great quiet beach with the chance to spot some wildlife then I'll always go to Allan's Beach just near Portobello.  But it's always good to discover new places.....
The drive to Aramoana only took us 40 minutes, and passing through the very cool Port Chalmers, quaint Careys Bay and gorgeous Deborah and Hamilton bays along the way made this a great place to visit. 
We weren't disappointed with what we saw at the end of the road.  Quiet and unassuming, but with something magical....... this may have to be my new place to go...

Spring has arrived in Dunedin! - 22nd Aug 2015

Opening bud of the Magnolia tree Today is the 1st day that we feel that Spring is really only round the corner.

Winter has been a touch cold but today I looked out of our front window to see the glorious site of our Magnolia tree just starting to flower.

Once in full bloom, it's one of the 1st sites you will see as you come up the driveway to Fois Na Mara, and is of jaw dropping beauty.

And, of course, the backdrop to the tree is the stunning water of the Otago Harbour, which today had a mirror like quality.  So peaceful to sit out on the deck of Fois Na Mara and enjoy the view.

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