Fois Na Mara

Honey extraction from our beehive - 24th Apr 2019

In spring 2018 Murray from Rentahive delivered an absolute thing of beauty to Fois Na Mara - our very own beehive (well, not quite, it's rented, but it's going to be on a long term basis).......
Over the months since we've had it we've watched and waited, and watched and waited (who knew that bees could be so fascinating!?!) while the bees came and went about their daily business.  A wet spring probably didn't help but a very sunny summer and equally beautiful autumn in Dunedin have meant there was plenty to keep us and Fois Na Mara guests occupied until the extreme day of excitement came - EXTRACTION DAY!
The kids and I trooped off to Murray and Heidi's place (feeding our faces on the crunchiest, sweetest apples from their orchard as a side note - much to the delight of the kids at being able to throw the cores to their pigs) and spent a fantastic hour listening to, and helping, Murray and Heidi extract the honey.
12kg of honey later (as promised) we headed home and we couldn't be happier providing our very own honey as part of the breakfast baskets - yes, Sir, this certainly feels like THE GOOD LIFE......

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