Fois Na Mara

Elm Wildlife Tour - 23rd May 2016

A lot of guests at Fois Na Mara ask about seeing wildlife and the best way to do it.
For a long time now I have been recommending Elm Wildlife Tours so my son and I decided to check out their Encounters Tour to see what it was all about.

Well, we were NOT disappointed.  A fantastic 6 hour trip was had by all, where we were taken to Taiaroa Head and to private farmland on the peninsula.  Shaun, our guide, was a mindfield of information and it was such a pleasure meeting him and being guided by him.  He had such a keen eye for wildlife and spotted even the most shy of bird, and stopped the bus to let us have a look.  We managed to see Sealions, Yellow Eyed Penguins, Fur Seals, Royal Albatrosses and an abundance of native birds (too many to mention!).  Shaun also talked in great depth about the patterns and numbers of the various wildlife seen over the last few years and the conservation work that Elm are doing.  He seemed incredibly passionate about the wildlife.
One of the amazing things about Elm Wildlife tours is that they will pick guests up from the bottom of our driveway at Fois Na Mara, take you on the informative and exciting tour in a cosy and clean bus and then drop you back at Fois Na Mara at the end.  No dramas for you to have to think about navigating, parking etc etc.  All your time can be taken up gazing out of the window, taking photos along the way.

I can honestly say that even though I have been recommending Elm Wildlife Tours to guests at Fois Na Mara in the past, I now know what a great trip it is and will definitely be informing guests of it on the future.  I will also be telling all my Dunedin friends too as I feel they will all love it.  Little do we all know what we have on our doorstep!

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