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Sandfly Bay - 23rd Apr 2016

Sandfly bay Dunedin has been showing us, not only what a great city it is, full of brilliant cafes, bars and shops, but also how just on it's doorstep there are secluded beaches ripe for exploring.
Living on the Otago Peninsula I should know it like the back of my hand but after a brilliantly busy B&B season I haven't managed to get out and explore as much as I'd have liked.

One sunny day a few weeks ago, and with the weather being still amazing, my son and I went off to explore Sandfly Bay.  As an aside it is often thought to have been named for the small biting insect known as the sandfly, but this is incorrect. It was named for the sand which, given the windy nature of this coast, flies from the tall dunes surrounding the bay.

We accessed it by parking at the end of Seal Point Road.  It is then a fun filled stride and slide down the steep sand dunes to the beach.  We had a lovely walk along the beach and then turned around and made our way back up the dunes to the car.  We really loved the feeling of getting our legs working climbing up the sand and enjoyed the morning tea even more when we got to the top.  What a reward!

As usual another stunning beach to investigate on our Otago Peninsula...

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